About us
We provide collaborative resources to assist UCSF researchers in carrying out projects utilizing genomics approaches, including multiple forms of library preparation and bioinformatic analysis.

Spatial Transcriptomics
We are excited to announce we now support multiple spatial transcriptomics approaches, including the 10x Genomics Visium and Xenium platforms.

The UCSF Genomics CoLab is a collaborative lab that specializes in the development, adoption, and execution of cutting-edge genomic approaches for our research community. Our services are available to all UCSF investigators and we are happy to discuss collaborations with interested investigators at other institutions. We provide support to researchers at all stages of a project, from conceptualization and obtaining funding, through carrying out the experiment, to data analysis and publication. We focus on functional genomics applications, especially bulk RNA profiling (RNA-Seq and small RNA-Seq), single cell RNA-seq and epigenomic methods (ATAC-seq and CUT&TAG), spatial transcriptomcis and whole genome/exome sequencing. We also have a bioinformatic team available to assist with data analysis and interpretation of data from all these methods.